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Our aim is to make technology work for your business. Kynetico’s single-minded mission is to dedicate our business process and technical know-how in making our clients' businesses robust. 


Our consultancy service will explore and understand your business requirements., collaborate with you to design the perfect solution that fits your business operations and your vision for the future.

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Kynetico is well-versed in a variety of operating systems, applications, networks, and databases. We work with just about any technology that a  business would encounter.  Using our technical expertise,  we help our customers with small, mid-sized , and large projects. 

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The world of technology can be fast-paced and scary. That's why our goal is to provide an experience that is tailored to your company's needs. No matter the budget, we pride ourselves on providing professional customer service. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our work. 

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HELP YOU Get YOUR it SYSTEM Right the First Time





Like most of our customers, information technology is a core part of their business and trying to apply all of their IT requirements in house could become a major distraction which could be costly in the long run. By leveraging knowledgeable IT firms like Kynetico Technology Solutions Inc for their product development, these businesses have remained focused within their valuable work time much thank to our:

  • Software development 
  • IT Project Consultancy
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Application integration
  • Web application design
  • Cloud computing
  • Mobile Financial Solutions

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Our software solutions, will include a variety of innovative components that serve myriad business and operations functions that consist of Digital Customer Enablement, Digital Business Enablement, Digital Operations Enablement, Digital & Cloud Infrastructure, Advanced Analytics and Cloud Administration offerings.

If you are struggling to find exactly what your business or your client is looking for where a project requires an exclusive solution, our products will help you deliver. Our system developers can completely customise your idea to create a whole new design. We can:

  • Create a design to specifications
  • Adjust existing solutions to suit needs
  • Match special finishes
  • Develop to your written specifications
  • Bring your idea to reality  

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It does not matter if your business requires more support than other leading businesses, our industry sector support teams consist of expert members with different industry background experience  working together seamlessly as a single integrated solution for major industries such as:

  • Mining
  • Education
  • Financial
  • Agriculture
  • Health
  • Transportation


It does not matter if you need to out source a help desk solution or remote network monitoring, our IT experts are here to assist. Kynetico Technology Solutions Inc is here to help your business grow with our industry IT consultancy and solutions servioces.


 We are available to consult with you or your staff when problems arise with your software. We are available for remote or on-site assistance.  

Our approach is to deliver the right solution that is presented by our experts with experienced knowledge to provide your business with honest, cost effective and beneficial advise while ensuring your end user stay focused on their objectives with the right technology resources that ensure they achieve them. 

Kynetico technology consultancy solutions can deliver customised or tailored IT recommendations to address a wide variety of applied business technology solutions and services. Our team is available around the clock to provide you with strategic support across a variety of  IT topics including

  • Cloud computing for business
  • IT budgeting planning
  • IT risk management
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • System continuity planning
  • System assessment and planning
  • Internet communication and service recommendations
  • and more

Please get in touch for more or if you are interested in acquiring the right IT consultancy services for your business or simply looking for an IT solution not listed here. 

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Every Business needs to turn that IT illusion into reality if they want to meet rising customer expectations. The coming IT development era will be characterised by massive pressure as customers, employees and society make their demands known. This will provide tremendous opportunities for those businesses that manage to execute the appropriate experience at just the right time. 

New technology is a catalyst for business environment change. The next set of technology every business will need include;

  • Distribution Ledger Technology (DLT)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Extended Reality (XR)
  • Quantum computing (QC)

This technology will the your next source of differentiation or disruptive technology as businesses invest to reach their maturity and converge upon their digital capabilities to develop intelligent and highly customised customer experiences that will shape the lives of their consumers, business partners and employees. Our research and development professional will  help you identify the latest technology that will shape your business over the next years to come.

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We understand that in order for your business to stay competitive and achieve it full sustainable growth in today's increasingly competitive digital economy, your traditional business processes need to transition into becoming digital service providers (DSPs). This transition requires a complete digital business and operational transformation that must be supported by IT solutions that leverage on holistic IT solutions.